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Rugs make beautiful statement accents that add style to a space and protect floor surfaces from scratches and dirt. Unlike carpets, they have a denser fiber construction that makes it difficult to remove dirt once it penetrates the fibers. Simple vacuuming does not remove all the pollutants hence the need for professional rug cleaning services.

Area rugs have different constructions. While some are constructed using natural fibers and sensitive dyes, others are made of fragile material that needs special care when cleaning. DIY cleaning only causes the rugs to wear off fast. Our specialists are here to help you. We specialize in a range of professional rug cleaning services to suit your needs.

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Why Hire Rug Cleaning Horsham PA Services

Good Return on Investment

Whether you bought the rug from an exotic vacation destination or you use it to accentuate a part of your living area, we know that rugs are expensive. Allowing dirt to build up without proper cleaning damages the fibers and wears down its appearance and functionality. Professional rug cleaning ensures its original appeal is restored, so you don't have to keep on buying a new rug.

Increased Hygiene

Since area rugs are placed in high-traffic areas, they are likely to trap bacteria, allergens, and other particles by acting as giant filters. As such, they are home for harmful contaminants that can cause respiratory infections if not eliminated.

If not cleaned regularly, they become breeding areas for bacteria that cause chronic allergies and asthma. Having the rugs professionally cleaned keeps your home cleaner and healthier. Our specialists use specialized equipment that penetrates the fibers to remove all such contaminants.

Special Cleaning Products

Synthetic carpets are easily cleaned using pressurized water, heat, and strong chemicals. This is not the case with area rugs. Instead, they require careful washing techniques using gentle cleaning products to avoid destroying the fibers. More time is also needed to deep clean them hence the higher cost of professional rug cleaning.

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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

Professional Rug Cleaning Services in Horsham, PA

Commercial and Residential Rug Cleaning

Both commercial and residential property owners are bound to use area rugs. Our specialists are well-versed in cleaning the different types of rugs used in both settings.

Offsite and Onsite Rug Cleaning

We understand the busy nature of most of our clients hence flexible enough to accommodate your availability. If you are comfortable with onsite rug cleaning, our specialists will visit your premises with all the necessary cleaning products and leave all your rugs spotless. Alternatively, we can also pick up your rugs and drop them off at your home later once clean and dry.

Specialize in Cleaning a Range of Rugs

Synthetic rugs

They are the most common as they are durable, low maintenance, and can tolerate heavy use. However, it can be challenging to remove stains on synthetic rugs. Our technicians will pre-treat with stain removal cleaning products before machine washing.

Wool rugs

They are prone to shedding hence need special treatment when cleaning to avoid further shedding.

Silk rugs

Silk is the most durable natural fiber. However, most of its strength is lost when it gets wet. Harsh cleaning agents, hot water or steam cleaning damage the silk fibers hence the need for professional cleaning.

The Rug Cleaning Process

  • Inspection

    Our specialists will visit your premises to check the condition of the rug and determine how to address any cause for concern

  • Dusting

    Area rugs harbor lots of dirt within a single square foot before they appear dirty. Our specialists place the rug face down on a grate that vibrates to shake off all the dust

  • Washing

    The professionals will then test the rug for colorfastness to determine if it has running colors. If it has running colors, we will soak the rug in a dye stabilizer to set the colors. Then a wool-safe detergent and a soft brush are used to clean the rugs.

  • Drying

    We use specialized equipment to dry the rug before placing it on a drying rack.

  • Delivery (offsite option)

    Our specialists will then give your rug a final brush and prepare it for delivery to your home.

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Extra Services
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